The Fair Trade Charter
1 We pay the fair market price for our products. We agree quality guidelines with our suppliers who agree that the price we pay them is fair for the quality we require.

2 The products supplied to us must meet the agreed quality guidelines.

3 We pay our suppliers promptly.

4 No forced labour - including organized child labour - is used in the production of any of our products. However, we respect that in many African societies children are expected to take part in the activities of the household. During this time invaluable income-earning skills are passed on to the children.

5 We do not disturb traditional supply and production lines. Many of our items are hand made. We know the limits of our suppliers and do not push them beyond this limit as to do so could jeopardize the quality. For this reason we may ask you to wait for your order - please be patient and remember you are buying direct from traditional craftspeople.

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