Ask a Question
FAQ 01 What if I can't find the answer here?

If you can't find the answer here email us on info [at]

FAQ 02 Are your products Fair Trade?

Yes they are.  We are a member of the Fair Trade Federation and all our artisans are asked to adhere to our Fair Trade Charter

FAQ 03 Will my order help African artisans?

Yes it will.   All our products are made by African artisans who receive the fair price for the quality of work they supply. 

FAQ 04 How can I pay?

The easiest way is to use Paypal our Paypal id is

FAQ 05 Is shipping included in the prices on the website?

No it isnt. Shipping is calculated separately.  See the rates or email us for a shipping quote.

FAQ 06 How long will it take to make my order?

We are a just in time business when we receive your order we pass it on the the artisans who deliver within an agreed time. After you have placed your order, well let you know how long it will take. Email us for a quote.