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$ 350.00
AeroplaneAre you a pilot or a frequent flyer?   This could be the coffin for you - the carpenters can make any plane and any airline. This is Ghana Airways.

$ 18.00
African dolls – Showcasing Women's ActivitiesThese collectible, handmade dolls are a delight - each of the eight models involved in a different activity such as sweeping, carrying water, collecting firewood, selling fabric, and a Mum with twin babies. The dolls are made from wood, clay and cloth.

Please note, these dolls are not toys.

If you would like to order a large quantity of a specific doll please contact us by email and we will send you a quote and a time estimate.

Height approx 9 in (23 cm)

$ 12.00
Awed Bicone Powdered Glass Bead - Coral or Blue Base Awed bicone powdered glass bead with a coral or blue base, and white, green, yellow and brown details, Beads are variable.
Size: 16-19 mm long, 15 mm width
Qty: 28- 32 beads per string approx.
$ 15.00
Banana BellUsed as background rythm, this gong is made from wrought iron with a metal striker. Please allow 3 weeks delivery time for larger orders.

Size: Height: 22 cm Width: 4 cm
Shipping Weight: 1 kg

$ 350.00
BarracudaBarracuda is a popular fish in Ghana and many traders specialize in it.  After the carpenters have made the coffin, a sign painter is brought in to paint it.  They add personality and make each coffin unique - look at the eyes of this one.

$ 6.00
Barrel Shaped Powdered Glass Beads- Blue Base

Specialty designed by TK Beads. Blue base barrel shape, with yellowish centre stripe and black and orange eyes.

Price:$6.00 per pack.

Noof beads: 5 of same design per pack
Length of bead: 2-2.5 cm.approx.
Width of bead: 1.3 cm. approx.