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These hand sculpted and painted wooden coffins are also known as thematic or fantasy chests.  They are made by the famous Ga Coffin carpenters in Accra, Ghana.

SHIPPING OF GA COFFINS is paid for separately.  Email us for a shipping quote - tell us your design, preferred size and location and we'll get back to you.

Traditionally these chests are the size of a full coffin - about 6 ft or 2 metres). However, we are working with the carpenters to scale down their work to make the pieces easier to ship and taking up less display room.  Each Ga Coffin model can be orderd in full size (2 meters), half size (1 meter) and Table top Size (0.5 meter).  Actual sizes and measurements vary according to the model and design.

Smaller pieces take about six weeks to make.  Bigger, more elaborate pieces can take up to three months. The inside of the chest is painted in a matching colour. The storage size inside the chest varies according to the design. These are primarily decorative items - not storage containers.

The coffin carpenters say they can maek anything you want - here you will find just a sample of their creativity. If you don't see what you're looking for here, send us a photo by email and we'll pass it on to them for a quote.

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