Kente Cloth - Fathia

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Kente Cloth - Fathia

This cloth has the red, green and gold zig zags on black with bands of green and gold stripes. In the Asante language this design is known as Fathia and was named after Kwame Nkrumah's Egyptian wife. The patterns are repeated across the cloth and there is a differing pattern on the border.

Kente Cloths are made from single Kente Strips which are machine sewn together. Some of the Kente cloths have borders of differing patterns. Others have the main pattern repeated across the whole cloth.

ABOUT THE COLOURS: It's the patterns that are the focus of the weavers, not the colours. Sometimes particular colour threads become unavailable and the weavers substitute a different colour. If the exact colour combinations is important to you please, contact us before you place your order to assure availability.

Large cloths are hand made to order and can take two to three months to complete. We will let you know the date before finalising your order.

These are the sizes of assembled cloth - all measurements are approximate:

Shawls (Two)  1.52 m by 43 cm        Shipping Weight 2 kg
Medium Kente Cloth 1.83 m 99 cm      Shipping Weight 2 kg
Large Kente Cloth 3.66 m 2.13 m     Shipping Weight 3 kg

Individual Kente Strips are also available on